2022/01/15 23:59:59

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Chitu Cloud is a 3D printing basic service platform based on Chitu series motherboards that integrate 3D printer control, monitoring, printing task management, 3D model file processing, and third-party application access. Chitu Cloud adheres to the “simple, efficient and reliable” service concept, and is committed to providing 3D printer users with a simpler and more efficient machine control management channel while providing relatively low-level 3D printing basic services for various service applications in the industry.

Task management

After the user uploads the file and selects to print if the 3D printer is in a working state or other unavailable states, Chitu Cloud will save the print job, once the machine is in the available state, the job will start.
Similarly, for a 3D printer, Chitu Cloud is responsible for managing all printing tasks established on this machine and forming a task queue. Users can manage the task queue and arrange the priority of tasks.

Remote control and monitoring

Chitu Cloud benefits from the support of the chip and software system on the Chitu motherboard and fully realizes the remote control command set of a typical printer based on TCP/IP. On the basis of this instruction set, Chitu Cloud realizes complete control of the printer through HTML5 pages. Even if the printer is not around, you can instantly understand the printer’s operation and control the printer. All required printer status parameters are available. Obtain intuitively and quickly, all necessary control instructions can be directly clicked on the button on the page to issue and get execution feedback. Chitu Cloud is developed based on the B/S structure and can be directly used not only on the browsers of PC, Pad, and mobile phone.

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