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Error type: UI error; Unknown file format; different resolution

UI error

1. Chitu Board has support 2.8inch, 3.5inch, 4.3inch and 5inch LCD touch screen for now,
when you change your firmware UI.BIN by mistake, there will be the error shown below,
2. It is easy to fix by update the right UI.bin for your LCD touch screen, please contact the manufacture for the right one.
3. You can download our general UI firmware. it suits all the different size touch screen,
learn more about our GUI pages here. Download the General UI:   UI_ALL_LCD.bin

UI: 3.5 LCD: 2.8

Different resolution with projector -1440

different resolution with projector -1440

This error happens when you use the wrong FPGA firmware of LCD, or sliced the wrong resolution in CHITUBOX software.

Check the third line: firmware version to see if it is the right one
Check if your resolution setting is right

Unknown file format

This Error because of the wrong slide format, different ChiTu based boards support the different file format,
In CHITUBOX you can choose default setting and different format, but the board can only read which has supported.