External Microstep Driver Installation

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Find the Profile parameter file and check the below info if you use the microstrip driver.

;External drive settings Several external drive parameters : THB7128:I100000 T0 ;;;;TB6560:I40000 T0 ;;;TB6600:I50000 T120 ;;;HB542:I100000 T10000;;;M415 I100000 T0

;I: the establishment time from the effectiveness of direction signal to high leveling of the pulse signal. The unit is ns  

;T: the shortest keeping time of pulse signal with the unit of ns. If there is no external drive control panel, set the others at zero

M8087 I0 T0

Establishment time & Shortest keeping time

Every driver board’s time may different as its chip is different. We suggest you set a moderate parameter for these two times.(a little higher than the minimum value)

Test the shortest keeping time:

Set the I as 0 first to test T, create 6 files, and put the following parameters to each folder.

M8087 I0 T0; the first parameter

M8087 I0 T100;the second parameter

M8087 I0 T1000;the third parameter

M8087 I0 T10000;the forth parameter

M8087 I0 T100000;the fifth parameter

M8087 I0 T1000000;the sixth parameter

Let’s print the file one by one (we can print file to update parameter), and move the step via the touch screen, once there is a parameter can let the motor move, then we can get the right range should be lower than it. For example: M8087 I0 T100 can’t let motor moves, M8087 I0 T1000 can,

The value should be around T100~ T1000, we can create several files again between 100~1000, such as 200; 300; 400; 500; 600; 700; 800; 900. We will get the final parameter by this test.

Test the establishment time

Use the T value we just get, for example, it is 600.

M8087 I10 T600; the first parameter

M8087 I100 T600; the second parameter

M8087 I1000 T600; the third parameter

M8087 I0000 T600; the fourth parameter

M8087 I00000 T600; the fifth parameter

M8087 I000000 T600; the sixth parameter


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